Your house as a smart thermostat so why not your RV? Great news, you can add your own smart thermostat to your RV, and it takes 10 minutes. Before we get started you are going to need to find out what thermostat is in your RV. This will be handy because you will need to purchase your smart thermostat. You can go to your local dealer or you can do what I did and went over to

The EasyTouch™ RV Touch Screen Thermostat with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is supposed to be one of the best in the RV industry, so I wanted to see if everyone was right.

When you go [...]

For many years, The main latch/knob of RV Door locks have been keyed with two locks. You have your Master Key, also reference as a Passkey and then you have the Deadbolt Lock.

If you are locked out of your RV and you only locked the Passkey you may be in luck! The Passkey was created for the convenience for RV manufactures, transport drivers and RV Dealers. You can identify the Passkey with a small letter (C,D,E,etc.) next to the key hole. So, if you are locked out of your RV at the campground and it’s the Passkey that is locked, you can find someone with the corresponding Passkey and enter your RV.