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Add a Smart Thermostat to Your RV

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Your house as a smart thermostat so why not your RV? Great news, you can add your own smart thermostat to your RV, and it takes 10 minutes. Before we get started you are going to need to find out what thermostat is in your RV. This will be handy because you will need to purchase your smart thermostat. You can go to your local dealer or you can do what I did and went over to

The EasyTouch™ RV Touch Screen Thermostat with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is supposed to be one of the best in the RV industry, so I wanted to see if everyone was right.

When you go to the website you can click on “Which Model Do I Need?” and it will walk you through to get the right model. This is very helpful and easy!

Once I found my model, I added it to my cart and gave them my cold hard cash. Now we play the waiting game…

3-5 business days it arrived in my mailbox, and I was excited to get this installed. I went out to my RV and found the main thermostat. WAIT! You will be working with electricity, so please find your main battery supply and turn that off. Make sure you have no hot wires. Alright, let’s get back to it. Find your thermostat and remove from the wall. You will see you have three wires connected to the thermostat (12V-, 12V+ and COMMS). I just took one wire off at a time and connected it to the EasyTouch™. Then once I did that, I used their handy wall mount spacer and put new screws in the wall and mounted it to the wall.

Turned the power back on and it worked! Now you will need Wi-Fi in the RV to connect the EasyTouch™ Thermostat to access from your mobile device. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can access it with Bluetooth if you are close to the RV.

It’s very user friendly, you can set your temperatures you would like your RV to be at any time of the day. Now you need to download the app. Go to the app store and search for Micro Air and find EasyTouch RV app and download it. Once you have it downloaded you can scan a QR code on your EasyTouch Thermostat and connect it to your app!

Download on Apple or Google App Store

That’s it! You now have a smart thermostat in your RV! We added this to our RV, because we leave our dog in the camper while going to a lake or out to eat and wanted to make sure the AC is on during those hot days. If you have Wi-Fi in the RV and have connection, you can always check to make sure your pets are safe.

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