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2 Things You Need to Know About RV Door Locks

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For many years, The main latch/knob of RV Door locks have been keyed with two locks. You have your Master Key, also reference as a Passkey and then you have the Deadbolt Lock.

If you are locked out of your RV and you only locked the Passkey you may be in luck! The Passkey was created for the convenience for RV manufactures, transport drivers and RV Dealers. You can identify the Passkey with a small letter (C,D,E,etc.) next to the key hole. So, if you are locked out of your RV at the campground and it’s the Passkey that is locked, you can find someone with the corresponding Passkey and enter your RV.

To counter this, most RVers (myself included) only use the deadbolt on the RV entry door. Deadbolts are uniquely keyed, and, under normal circumstances, you control the only set of keys. I usually do this if I am leaving the RV for a few hours, but if I am traveling, I usually just lock the Passkey to have easy access.

Next, what if you lose your keys? Well, if you have are not locked out you can easily find the Key Code inside the RV latch/knob. Sometimes the manufacture places this on the RV latch/knob inside the RV. If you do not see it, then it will be inside the actual RV latch Knob plate. You will need a screwdriver to access the back of the plate. Once you find the code, you can take it to your local RV Dealership and have a new set of keys made.

Now you are an expert at RV Door Locks you can get back to making memories around the campfire with family and friends.

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