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14 Tips For Winterizing Your Camper

For many campers, fall means the end of their camping season. With chilly weather approaching, owners need to be proactive and winterize their campers to protect it during the cold and snowy months ahead. Follow these 14 tips to keep your camper in tip-top shape throughout the winter. 

  1. Thoroughly clean your campers’s interior.
    • Empty all drawers and cupboards.
    • Remove all bedding, towels and linens.
    • Unplug and store all electric appliances.
  2. Empty and defrost fridge/freezer if needed.
  3. Inspect interior for any possible openings:
    • Plug with non-rusting metal dish scrub pad to prevent rodents and insects from entering.
  4. Place dryer sheets or cedar chips the interior to prevent pest infestation.
  5. Place natural dehumidifiers to prevent mold.
  6. Thoroughly wash your camper’s exterior.
    • Clean all debris from slides and seams to prevent leaks.
  7. Inspect all seals and seams. Repair areas that are cracked or torn.
  8. Inspect exterior for any further damage. Schedule repairs if necessary.
  9. Completely drain all fresh water from your camper’s system, including:
    • Waterlines
    • Holding tanks
    • Hot water heater
    • Toilet, etc.
  10. Pump potable antifreeze into your water system until full.
  11. Ensure all doors, windows, storage compartments and slides are closed and sealed shut.
  12. If you are not using a storage unit, apply a cover to your camper’s exterior to prevent leaks.
  13. Apply covers to your camper’s tires to prevent dry rot.
  14. Begin dreaming about all the adventures you’ll have next season!

If you have any questions or would like us to help you winterize your camper just call or stop in at our RV Center and we can help you.